Escape Artist

by Krtek

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released July 29, 2011

All music & arrangements by Krtek
Lyrics by Sami Aartti
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Vesa Sillvan
Cover art and layout by Janika Lähdes



all rights reserved


Krtek Finland

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Track Name: Mesothorax
the computer screen's faint glow highlights all of my failures
and that's a lot of ground to cover
all the ugly things that crawled out of my mouth and the disappointments i've caused
hit me in the face like cold water
my soundtrack consists of the ambluance sirens, dripping water and silence

the walls of this apartment
mock me with questions about happiness
the walls of this apartment
ask me wasn't i supposed to be the optimist

i thought this was just what i wanted
four walls and a stack of comic books
something's gotta change before these wasted days
lead me astray from my PMA
gotta take the step to stop the words from getting stuck in my throat
push all fear aside

open the doors to the airtight garage
greet the sun it's more than fiction
open the doors to the airtight garage
all this time i've been living in fiction

no gray day is quite as gray as the gray days in this city
but that won't bring me down anymore because now i know that we are not alone
Track Name: Re-Animator
Back up to where the happy moments aren't crushed by the weight of the future
there are no walls between faces and the days go by without a worry
what was the hurry to fade away so soon
was holding on too much for my feeble arms

i tried to burn the bridges but the matches are wet the lighter's out of fuel
i tried to cut the ties between us but the scissor are too dull
you force your selves inside my head denying me the bliss of oblivion

i realise it's all my fault
i held the key to bring it all back but it's too late now too late now and i'm still not ready to leave you behind me

surrounded by people who would break your fall
don't take it for granted or you will lose it
nowadays i wander and wonder whether they still remember me and my shitty jokes
my safety net is dissolving beneath me

i am failing to become the reanimator
to reassemble reignite the flame pretend that nothing has changed
since we last shared a laugh
Track Name: DeLorean
the bicycle wheels rolling rolling
on some desolate countryside road
oh how i haven't done this in such along time
oh how it makes me feel alive
i still go back to those days when
3 inches of blood were never enough

taking the train down memory lane back to it's starting point
remeniscing and reconsidering again and again
but still knowing that living in the past only gets you so far
you can't change the direction of walks walked

yearning people and places and times
gone by and to come
making one want to be in the now even more
until you realize that you're stuck in a place you want to escape
to the past, to the pages, to the screens anywhere
and i promised to stay away from the malancholy

have the golden days passed us by
or are living them right now
perspectives changing by the minute
so let the moments lived live on

we aren't the same
why have we changed
gone are the days
Track Name: Secret Origins
it all begins with the curtains being opened
curtains made of yellowed paper
to show us a boy
waving at the timelines passing by on the lego brick road
he's in search of the golden truth outside the walls of his fortress of solitude
after being fed up with being afraid of what he needs the most

take a plunge take a deep breath to find out about
secret origins
turn the page let the record spin for it all to unravel
secret origins
secret origins

bitten by a radioactive loser
wishing he wasn't chosen
”with no power comes no responsibility”

through the subconscious wasteland he goes
to pinpoint the turning point
the downward spiral
storybook logic doesn't work here
there is no fourth wall for you to lean on
this quest to find the one's to blame
made worthless by the mirror
your career as an escape artist seems to be over

sent to earth on a rocketship
from an exploding planet
”what would your species think of you now?”

the cerebral falls and the nerve system forest
echo with the things that he just cannot forget
the beatings and prosecutions that lead him here
there is no black and white
stop pretending to be blind
forget black and white
so please stop pretending to be blind